Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Meatlocker - Conceptual Design - Benny the Bookie

Description of Benny the Bookie from the Script of THE MEATLOCKER.

BENNY is a balding back alley Napoleon with a Bronx accent, confident, cocky, seemingly easy going. He doesn’t notice or care that all the guys surrounding him got a good six inches and seventy five pounds on him. He wears a ratty sweat stained brown suit and tie. He has pinkie rings and a crushed fedora. Still, he wears them as if they were top and tails.

Joe Janes will be Benny the Bookie.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Meatlocker - Conceptual Design - Manny the Manager

Manny the Manager...

MANNY is in his late fifties. A stocky bull dog of a man, his short sleeve shirt shows his well muscled, sparsely tattooed arms that could beat most any opponent at arm wrestling. But his aching back and soft bacon and burger fed belly mean he doesn’t have too much left when it comes to going toe to toe. His shirt unbuttoned showing the typical wife beater underneath. Time has had its way with MANNY. He wears glasses over an intelligent face full of wrinkles from too much frowning. Despite not having half as much spit and vinegar as he used to, his stance and demeanor belie his military training, and help him retain his well earned dignity.

Dave Lykins will be performing as Manny in the Graphic Novelization and hopefully the full production as well.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Meatlocker - Conceptual Design - Rudy the Rhino

These are some of the first conceptual designs for Rudy the Rhino, one of the Villains in our next big Performance/Production.

Rudy is described in the playscript as...

RHINO... an ex-fighter who quit the mitts cause there was more money to be made as hired muscle. He is a dangerous, competent man. Even as he jokes those around him have trouble forgetting this. He has a full head of grey hair and his face appears as if chiseled in stone. He wears a grey suit, grey slacks, no jewelry. He is always rubbing his hands together, Those knuckles of his are always itchy.

Design wise, the most audacious thing about The Rhino is the upturned nose. This is an effect that is achievable for the Graphic novel, but more difficult with the live stage play. The great thing about the upturned nose is that the script's villains owe a debt the grotesque antagonists from Dick Tracy. Hence, if we can pull off the upturned nozzle it would be a nice visual touch.

There is mention made of Rhino's nose in the playscript. Actually, his nose is the reason from his nickname. No one has been able to break it. His nose bone, nor any of bone. In all his time in the ring and performing as a heavy for various bookies and underground business associates, he has never sustained a broken bone. There is even a tale told how back in the day another boxer broken his knuckles against Rhino's nose in the ring.

Don Hall will be standing in as Rudy the Rhino for the Graphic Novelization of The Meatlocker. Don has also been a part of the developmental process since the play's conception, namely enacting the part of Rudy the Rhino at all our previous read thrus.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


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will be posted in 2 weeks.

All this week and next, we will be posting
conceptual art and updates for both CLAY CONTINENT as well as
our next upcoming project THE MEATLOCKER

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank you

To all of you who have been reading and supporting the new webcomic version of Clay Continent...a big big Thank You.

Your support has convinced us that expanding into various mediums while continuing the pursuit of theatrical endeavors is a worthwhile effort.

Very soon, we'll be getting everything in order to start sharing more with you all about the Mammals next big thing... The Meatlocker a joint graphic novel and performance which will be in full swing 2009.

So, if you have enjoyed one of our previous productions, appreciate the new online graphic novelizations then please tell others about The Mammals and share our blog with them. And keep those "cards and letters" coming. Your positive feedback inspires us to keep at it!

And if our artistic creations interest you and you'd like to participate, please email us.

Thank You
Thank You and
Thank You Again

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sneak Peak at Next Sunday's Comic

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A sneak peak at next Sunday's comic - Meet Dr Henry Jekyll .

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Clay Continent - Scene Two Concludes

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Next Week : Meet Dr. Henry Jekyll