Monday, November 15, 2010

Possible Cast of Characters for DREAM JOURNAL OF DOCTOR JEKYLL

Possible Cast (Character Names Subject to Change)

-Professor Antiquarian
-Madame Contrarian/Hydest (Performed by one actor/actress)
-Jekyll’s Father/Sister Contrarian (Performed by one actor/actress)

Character Descriptions

Professor Antiquarian – A collector of arcane and macabre memorabilia. A curator of sorts who seeks likeminded individuals with whom he can share the experience of reveling in mutual fascinations.

The Professor’s Assistant – Nowhere near as enthusiastic as the Professor regarding the subject matter of the macabre. But, he has been a trusted employee for a number of decades. The Assistant has earned the right to a small degree of obstinacy, but only so long as the tea is prepared just the way the Professor likes it.

Henry Jekyll – A Free-Thinker, A scientist, A Physician, An Entomologist, A seeker of truth, A man whose mission it is to eradicate the darkness from within the collective unconscious, or collective soul of the human race. Science is the key, but occasional dabbling with Mythology also occurs .

Edward Hyde – Could be anything. Perhaps the Schizophrenic sub persona of Jekyll. Perhaps the ego of a underdeveloped conjoined sibling. Perhaps a homosexual lover to Jekyll. Perhaps Jekyll himself completely surrendering to the impulse known as Id. An imaginary friend? A demon from hell toying with the Flesh that is Jekyll? Whereas Jekyll attempts to use science to cleanse humanity, Hyde would propose Magic and/or the Arts. Throughout the story, Hyde attempts many different mediums through which to work out and suppress that which is dark in mankind.

Mister Utterson – A longtime friend to the Jekyll Household ever since the days of the mysterious disappearing fetus. He has watched all his friends named Jekyll pass from this earth. He wants his young friend Henry Jekyll to outlive him. In order to do so, he has become quite the detective/busybody/surveyor of Henry. He wants what he thinks is best for Henry even if it is not what Henry appears to desire.

Jekyll’s Father – A man of science who loves reading mythology. A man who goes slightly mad after the death of his wife. He is obsessed with an insect that he found trapped in amber, a mosquito using its needle to pierce its own blood engorged abdomen. He dubs this oddity the Mosquito Ouroboros.

Hydest – The darkest part of Jekyll/Hyde personified.

Eve – When all attempts by Jekyll/Hyde at expunging darkness out of humanity seem to fail, they attempt to find solace in the arms of a woman named Eve. Instead every sliver of repressed fear, anxiety, fantasy, compulsion become manifest. Is Eve everything she appears to be to Jekyll and Hyde? Or is she just a beautiful woman who can not decide between the light and the dark? Victim or Villainess? To most men, Eve raises more questions than she answers. To most women, she is just another manifestation of the male gender’s problematic posture regarding anything feminine.

Madame Contrarian – One half of a conjoined twin. Madame has cast herself as the arch enemy of Professor Antiquarian. Believing him to be a charlatan, she does everything she can to discredit him and perceives herself to be in mortal combat with him. It doesn’t help that her conjoined twin, Sister Contrarian, is madly in love with the professor.

Sister Contrarian – Madly in love with the Professor but unable to repress the physical control of her conjoined twin, Madame Contrarian.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Thanks Again!

Hey Thanks again! This time from the Octogenarian Veterans!

Thank You Chicago

From the cast and crew... Thanks to our friends and audience!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Dave Lykins

This guy is unstoppable!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Pictures From Skillet County

This is picture John Ross Wilson brought to our production meeting

This is what he made at the Zoo.

Put your hands together for John Ross Wilson.

BTW Friday night is sold out. Less than 5 seats left closing night at the time of this posting!

A big thank you to everyone who came and who is coming this weekend!!!