Monday, July 06, 2015

ARCHIVAL POST - Don't Give That Beast A Name Premiered Oct 13, 2013

The Chicago Mammals are proud to present


written by Randall Colburn and Bob Fisher

and AWG!

DON'T GIVE THAT BEAST A NAME is the story of newlyweds FRANK and MARIE, a couple of country western one hit wonders whose fortunes take a dark turn when they get involved in a snake handling church. A southern gothic tale inspired by George Buchner's Woyzeck, Shaped Note Hymnals, Classic Country and Murder Ballads.

DON'T GIVE THAT BEAST A NAME received its premiere at the Zoo Studio, Chicago October 13th, 2012. It was directed by Bob Fisher; the set design was by John Ross Wilson; the costume design was by DeChantel Kosmatka; the lighting design was by Mike Smith; the sound design was by Bob Fisher. The Cast was as follows

Starring Gabe Garza* as FRANK
Erin Orr* as MARIE

Also Starring Jamie Bragg, Liz Chase*, Sean Ewert*, David Fehr, Sarah Koerner*, Elise Mayfield, AJ Miller, Erin Myers, Anthony Stamilio, Gene Van Dyke, Nicolle Van Dyke

* Denotes Chicago Mammals Company Member

The Chicago Mammals explore performance works embracing themes of history, mythology, and destiny using the genres of science fiction, horror, and phantasmagoria