Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What the New City had to say about Clay Continent

New City
Feb 22, 2001

Blood and guts fans, here's your dish. This penny dreadful of a play, inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde myth and directed by The Mammals' Bob Fisher. does an excellent job of creating mood. Three actors, all ghoulishly made up, stalk the awkward black basement that is the Space Theatre, headset mikes amping their every breath. The characters don't speak so much in dialogue as they do in poetry, often weaving their individual nightmares together to great fugue effect. The hour-long show devolves into Grand Guignol as the acts of violence grow ever fiercer; before it's over they'll leave nothing to the imagination. (Stay in your seat for a minute or two after the applause and you can watch them mop up.) in case cannibalism and torture aren't enough, they've thrown some homoerotic S-and-M tableaux in for good measuer as Hyde toys with his mirror image. Although there's no single prescribed season for such fare "Continent" nevertheless seems to have anticipated Halloween by many months

- Web Behrens

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