Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thank You Chicago!

Really...The Mammals want to extend a huge thank you to all of you who came and supported us as we re-entered the Chicago Theatre Scene. To those out there who were able to come see Clay Continent, we extend our gratitude. It has been an arduous but rewarding road back into production here in the Windy City. It is the assertion of all of us involved in the Mammals various projects that this is still the very best city in which to live and make art, especially theatre!

If you wanted to but weren't able to make it out to see Clay Continent, fret not. The Mammals are not yet finished mining the psychological ground set down in the novella Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (as well as other sources).

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback regarding images of the dramatis persona posted on this blog, we hope to do a serial web comic version of Clay Continent which will be starting later this summer. Also there will be a web based comic/graphic novel of Bob Fisher's new script The Meatlocker

Also, this winter the Mammals will begin workshopping a evolution/companion piece to Clay Continent entitled The Dream Journals of Doctor Jekyll.

We'll be taking the next week off from posting to prepare for the Summer of 2008. This summer marks a new beginning for our company and we've got lots of projects in the works that we hope will continue to excite you Chicago!

Next up for full production will be a remount of our critically acclaimed, crowd pleaser Mexican Wrestling Macbeth. Watch this space for more details.

Once Again, thanks so much. See you in a week!

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