Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Concept Art for The Meatlocker

Here is the first concept design for STITCH, another of the villians in our next big show THE MEATLOCKER.

Here is a description of the character...

From within the cigar smoke, STITCH begins to manifest. First we see one of his crutches within the light. It appears to be homemade, a concoction of pieces from a cane, a broom handle, and the butt of a rifle. The other crutch enters, it is similarly constructed. Finally STITCH drags himself into the light were we can see him. He is the ghost of an old cut man with a cheap stogie stabbed into his maw. His face and every part of his body is seriously scarred. As he drags himself around on crutches, it sounds like someone scrapping a shovel across the ground, as if his feet have been replaced with something metal, that can’t be seen under the cuff of his pant legs

Ron Kroll will be performing the role of STITCH.

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