Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Part 7 Meet the Cast of DEVILS DON'T FORGET - Adam Dodds and Anya Clingman

Adam Dodds

Anya Clingman

Adam Dodds is from Howard, Pennsylvania (if you check your road atlas it's right there in the centerfold...although some people would say the crack.). He spent some time telling ghost stories on the streets of New Orleans before coming to Chicago. Adam is a member of Halcyon Theatre where he'll be directing Fucking Parasites for the Alcyone Festival later this summer. Favorite Chicago roles include Wallace in Militant Language (Halcyon), Sir Kay in The People's Sword in the Stone, (Quest), and Moe in Infancy (Steep).

Anya Clingman has been creating theatre at a rate of about four shows a year since she was nine. She is an actor, writer, director, puppeteer, and sometime stage-manager. Past productions have included Kafka/Bullard’s The Trial, Dahl/Nolan’s James and the Giant Peach and The BFG, Mee/Murray’s Full Circle and NWaC’s own Episodical Trilogy. She has been doing original work at venues like Looptopia, The Subterarranean, Abbey’s Pub, The Empty Bottle, and The Inconvenience Threatre. She would like to thank the folks at The Right Brain Project, the Coletto-Kaplans and her enormously supportive loved ones for helping her get this far.


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Performance Dates are as follows

May 1,2
May 8,9
May 15,16
May 22,23
All performances are at 8pm – BYOB

RBP – Rorschach Space
4001 N. Ravenswood Ste 405
Chicago, IL 60613

Performances From May 1st thru May 16th suggested donations $15.00. May 22nd and May 23 will be closing weekend fundraisers. Tickets for May 22nd and May 23rd are $15.00 (post show party and drinks included)

Reservations can be made by calling 866-593-4614 For more info check out, or just type Chicago Mammals into your facebook!!!

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