Friday, April 30, 2010

MEATLOCKER closes soon. Only 5 chances left!

The MEATLOCKER is just about down for the final count! Only 5 performances left! If you're even thinking about missing it, you should read the positive word about thus far!

"this may be his most confident, accessible work, as well as the best cast he’s assembled as a whole; these factors funnel neatly into a knockout first act that’d match up well against the cream of Chicago’s storefront crop." -


"The cast is, to a man (and one woman), muscular and exceptional...a ripping narrative with a grotesquely lovely ending. No other writer in Chicago has the unique facility with words as Fisher does and the very language of The Meatlocker elevates these blood and sweat soaked pugs to classic character status. His very specific muse allows him to create theater like no one else has ever seen and in a town with so much goddamn theater that is so goddamned good, offering a truly distinct voice is remarkable. Like Clifford Odets with a hard-on for Tales of the Crypt." -

Recommended - AWG Chicago

"it's easy to get sucked into the sharp-elbowed wit and grit of The Meatlocker... the surprisingly tragic heart of Fisher's weird tale might just knock you sideways." -


"The best thing about The Mammals shows is that they’re distinctive; the spooky tension, dark laughs and heartbreaking trauma let you know whose show you’re watching. Bob Fisher’s phantasmagoric sensibility makes a unique mark on the theater scene; few companies can claim that...The cast is up to the task. Goss’ doomed struggle tugs at the heart; Dodds is the very picture of an eternal tormentor. Roy Gonzalez’ oily bookie makes you want to shower and Vinny Lacey’s sportscaster steals the scene every time he opens his mouth. Their basement space is perfect for this nightmare, a bleak cocoon for the unthinkable." -

Recommended - NEWCITY

Only five shows left! Friday and Saturdays at 8pm through May 14th
4001 N Ravenswood Ste B-1
corner of Irving Park and Ravenswood
call 866-593-4614 for reservations

This show will close on Friday May 14th!

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