Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seven Snakes Inspiration - 5

Most of us know all about Sergio Leone, but what about Sergio Corbucci? Not nearly the stylist that Leone was, Corbucci took his dark cowboy tales to even more powerful heights of violence than Leone had. Remember that when the Spaghetti West begun, Americans were getting their western fix from TV and rarely saw a gun fired and the wound it made within the same frame.

The violent images being used by the Italians, and Corbucci specifically, had an effect on audiences that would be hard to replicate in cinema. But we aren't doing cinema. We are telling stories for the stage and that gives us an opportunity to impact people the same way those inventive and provocative Italians once did. The embed above is just a few still images with the theme song. It seems to me after listening to this that they had to be going for an elvis sort of sound, but... the tune is kind of catchy and It grows on you quickly (me at least).

The character of Django is actually more compelling and endearing than any of the variations of the "Man with no Name". Whereas Eastwood makes for a cooler more stylized anti-hero, the motivations and pathos of Django matter more emotionally. There is real catharsis to Franco Nero's character that never really occurs to Eastwood in the Dollars Trilogy.

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