Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lucha with the Mammals - MEXICAN WRESTLING MACBETH!

The Chicago Mammals Theatre Company presents
Written by Bob Fisher
Directed by Warwick Johnson

“CRITIC’S CHOICE - a damn funny show; now it's firing on all cylinders” – Brian Nemtusak w/The Reader

MEXICAN WRESTLING MACBETH - Every Saturday Night in June and July, it is a party at the Zoo Studios Luchadore Style as The Chicago Mammals present MEXICAN WRESTLING MACBETH!

What happens when Mexico’s favorite lady luchadores have to fight it out over the coveted role of Lady Macbeth!!! Mayhem, Mystery, and Aztec Mummies will rise from beyond the grave!
SeƱor Director (played by Company Member Dennis Frymire) has secured the funds to produce his very first Mexican Shakespearean Cinema Extravaganza. But in order to keep the cameras rolling, his movie’s producers insist that he cast the film using only Mexico’s favorite superstar luchadores. The femme fatale known as La Diabla Azul (played by Company Member Gabe Garza) will stop at nothing in order to defeat her competition and become Mexico’s First and Only Lady Macbeth! Come see art imitate life imitate art as La Diabla Azul becomes the incarnation of Lady Macbeth both on screen and in the haunted catacombs of the Aztec mummy’s lair!

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Featuring Liz Chase, Gabe Garza, Vinny Lacey, Dennis Frymire, Justin Warren, Loren Jones, Sarah Koerner, David W.M. Kelch, Glenn Proud, Ben Muller. With Don Hall, Nick Simon, and Erin Orr.
Remaining Performance Dates are as follows

Saturday June 23rd
Saturday June 30th

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