Monday, October 08, 2012


The Chicago Mammals are holding non-equity general auditions seeking men and women of all ages to participate in our upcoming workshops and productions in 2013. Auditions will be on Sunday October 28th and Monday October 29th. To reserve an audition spot, please contact us at

The following projects are just some of the artistic endeavors we are currently seeking collaborators for

(open workshop Jan 2013)

It couldn't happen here. Tell that to Jello Biafra, Jim Morrison, and John Lennon. All governments and corporations at one time or another attempt to regulate free speech, either through overt physical oppression, or more secretly through the misuse of copyright infringement to silence dissent, etc. Inspired by the recent incidents involving the infamous Russian Punk Band, The Mammals will be exploring stories that highlight the way in which governments and corporations impinge upon our ability to express ourselves even within the most 'enlightened' democracies.

(open workshop Feb 2013)

An unnamed benefactor has given a huge endowment to a major motion picture studio to hire the "Maestro" to create a opulent and phantasmagoric old testament spectacular. The film is doomed to be an incomplete work. Still, we watch the amazing Federico Fellini as he attempts to use pure creative indulgence in his attempt to understand our place in the universe, our fascinations with sex and how it is all wrapped up in our religious traditions. This episodic piece with be written in collaboration with a pantheon of talented Chicago Playwrights who will be announced soon.

Adapted and Directed by Bob Fisher
(workshop in spring 2013 / full production opens in Sept 2013)

The Mammals present the second part in their ALL GIRL triptych, ALL GIRL FRANKENSTEIN. Having recently produced ALL GIRL MOBY DICK to standing room only, our company is excited about this new adaptation of Mary Shelley's Classic with an ensemble cast entirely of amazing Chicago actresses.

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