Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Meet The Cast of DEVILS DON'T FORGET - Justin Warren

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Justin Warren is back for a second round with The Mammals! Playing his 4th consecutive monster/villain, Justin has come to terms with the fact that he will never play a funny role again. Unless, of course, someone writes a part for him of a wise-cracking monster... hint... hint. You might have seen him, but not recognized him (due to extensive make-up and/or mask) as The Moon in Oracle's "Blood Wedding", as Mr. Utterson in The Mammals' "The Dream Journal Of Dr. Jekyll", or as Blood Orange Jack in Tympanic's "Orange Orbs". Justin is survived by his lovely and supportive girlfriend, Sasha, who he is hoping to go on many adventures with in the near future.

Here's the info on the show!

The Mammals Theatre Company presents

written and directed by Bob Fisher

“It's like Dario Argento putting flowers on the grave of Raymond Chandler” - Nick Green w/The Reader

DEVILS DON'T FORGET – An amnesiac tries desperately to not remember his past, convinced that he was an accessory to some unspeakable evil. But his amnesia provides no refuge when devils he had hoped to forget return to collect their due. Inspired by 50’s hardboiled noir as well as classic Grand Guignol, DEVILS DON'T FORGET is an atmospheric descent into a metropolis populated with Femme Fatales, Punch Drunk Gangsters, and Shadowy Figures seemingly supernatural. It is the story of a man who tries to escape a demonic global conspiracy using self induced amnesia.

Cast: Dennis Frymire, Sara Gorsky, Don Hall, Gabe Garza, Sarah Koerner, Annie Hogan, Erin Orr, and Justin Warren

Asst Director: Liz Chase
Costume & Prop Design : Ann Sonneville

Remaining Performance Dates are as follows

Friday and Saturday Feb 3rd & 4th
Friday and Saturday Feb 10th and 11th
Friday and Saturday Feb 17th and 18th
Friday and Saturday Feb 24th and 25th

All performances are at 10pm – BYOB
Zoo Studios
4001 N. Ravenswood Ste B-1
Chicago, IL 60613

Reservations can be made by calling 866-593-4614 or by emailing us at themammals@gmail.com

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