Thursday, May 31, 2012

ALL GIRL MOBY DICK - Interview with Amy Harmon

BTW - ALL GIRL MOBY DICK has been extended thru JUNE 9TH!!!

Amy Harmon as Ahab
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I (Warwick Johnson) recently sat down with Amy Harmon, who is playing Ahab in All Girl Moby Dick, and asked her just a few questions about the show. Enjoy!

Warwick: First off, tell us about your character. Who they are, what they do. And do you have any direct or indirect inspiration for the character?

Amy: Ahad is the guy that wants to beat up God, and it's interesting cause we're all kind of fascinated by that. We don't know if we approve of that or not, but we all want to watch it happen. The indirect inspiration that I'm using is that he's a man who's mind and body are in perfect balance until they're not anymore. And when they're out of balance things are just getting more and more out of whack. Like when a gear breaks and it keeps spinning and it gets a little worse and a little worse and a little worse. That's the metaphor that I'm functioning off of.

W: I like it. What has been the most challenging part of the process for you?

A: Challenging I think is just settling down and trusting that all of those big clumpy sentences and phrases full of fricking SAT words are going to come out sounding like they make sense and sounding conversational and sound normal, and just trusting that. Breathing into it and just saying it and go "Oh, oh okay that does actually work".

W: What's the most rewarding?

A: I am a huge new plays development geek. I love watching plays develop. So just going from raw text, and then Bob chips away at it and then the actors chip away at it and just watching it become... a Mammals show. Watching the process in which the brain works and synthesizes it into your [The Mammals] kind of thing.

W: What aspect or scene in the show are you most excited for the audience to witness?

A: I think.... I'm most excited for the audience to get there and start to interact ...with the show. It's such a world building experience. I mean, all theater is a world building experience but this.... is WORLD BUILDING EXPERIENCE. From the lights to the costumes to the sound to the set to the actors, to the voice of the show. And having the audience there is going to add another layer of "this is the world, these are the rules - what happens when you break those rules?"

W: What attracted you to this project in the first place?

A: Okay, no lie. I got to use two male monologues to audition, and that was why I came in. Cause I had some. Just purely coincidentally I had some and I'm like "I'm never going to get this chance again" so in I came.

W: I think it all turned out pretty well.

A: I'm pretty happy.

Get your reservations fast!!!!

ALL GIRL MOBY DICK has been extended thru JUNE 9th!!!

Remaining Performance Dates are as follows

Friday and Saturday May 18th and 19th
Friday and Saturday May 25th and 26th
Friday and Saturday June 1st and 2nd
Friday and Saturday June 8th and 9th

All performances are at 8pm – BYOB
Zoo Studios
4001 N. Ravenswood Ave Ste 205
Chicago, IL 60613

Reservations can be made by calling 866-593-4614 - Suggested Donation - $20.00 

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