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ALL GIRL MOBY DICK - Interview with Sarah Koerner

BTW - ALL GIRL MOBY DICK has been extended thru JUNE 9TH!!! call 866-593-4614 for tickets!

Sarah Koerner as Starbuck
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I (Warwick Johnson) got the chance to sit down with Sarah Koerner, who is playing Starbuck in All Girl Moby Dick.

Warwick: First off, tell us about your character in the show (who they are/what they do/etc...). Were they any direct or indirect inspirations that you had when you were creating it?

Sarah: Starbuck is the first mate of the Pequod, he is a very devout Quaker and a dedicated family man, who has a wife and child back home. And he's kind of the first one to be vocal about not being willing to go along with Ahab's plan. And kind of from the beginning he's questioning it but he doesn't have the nerve to do anything about it.

W: He's the Starscream to Ahab's Megatron, if you will.

S: Uh, yes. Yes, yeah he is! Ah, Transformers jokes. I didn't have any direct inspirations, but I really enjoyed looking at the Quaker religion, you know compared to other Christian groups they're very open and loving and that kind of thing. And seeing that and mixed with the sailor, tough guy kind of life. And then dealing with the crazy man of Ahab and worrying about all of that. So no direct inspiration, no single inspiration but just looking at the religion as a whole and how would someone from this background deal with this situation.

W: What has been the most challenging part of the process for you?

S: Um, I'd say, overall is probably the script, working on the script. It was in place when we started rehearsals but working with it and moving things around and coming together. It's... it hasn't been off or anything but it adds a whole new level when all the pieces are kind of coming into place.

W: What's the most rewarding?

S: The ensemble. We've really been working on this for so long, that as a group we've really built something together, we've created this world all together. And personally I think that this is the most challenging role that I've ever had. Which is awesome and terrifying.

W: What aspect or scene in the show are you most excited for the audience to witness?

S: The overall show, just the overall look and the style and all of the group scenes in the show too. Plus the sailors masks, and the other masks are really cool. Plus I have a musket scene that I'm really excited about. It's a scene where I'm questioning God and morality and I'm questioning whether or not I should murder a man in his sleep. So it's great.

W: What attracted you to this project in the first place?

S: I thought it sounded really cool, and I've always enjoyed more masculine roles and been more attracted to male roles. Male roles in a lot of theater tend to be well, more interesting sometimes. Which makes me sound like an awful feminist, but it's just a cool and unique opportunity.

Get your reservations fast!!!!

ALL GIRL MOBY DICK has been extended thru JUNE 9th!!!

Remaining Performance Dates are as follows

Friday and Saturday May 18th and 19th
Friday and Saturday May 25th and 26th
Friday and Saturday June 1st and 2nd
Friday and Saturday June 8th and 9th

All performances are at 8pm – BYOB
Zoo Studios
4001 N. Ravenswood Ave Ste 205
Chicago, IL 60613

Reservations can be made by calling 866-593-4614 - Suggested Donation - $20.00 

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