Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Dangers of Dreaming

While conducting dramaturgical forensics for our next show, one of our writers came across this macabre material! Enjoy!


Obsession with one’s own dreams can lead to many precarious circumstances. The borders between the waking world and the dream state are not to be fooled with lightly. Among the many lurking dangers that await those who entertain their dream self is the symptom of dissociation. This occurs when the protagonist of the dream has difficulty separating their actual waking memories from events that were dreamed.
The most common occurrence of dissociation is when your dream self finds a cherished item lost in your childhood and then your waking consciousness can not easily accept that the item will forever be missing. The constant pining for something that essentially no longer exists is very detrimental to one’s humours, and if the protagonist is diagnosed to have dissociation due to lucid dreaming they should be carefully monitored both while sleeping and while awake!

If you fear that you or a loved one has fallen prey to dissociation remain ever watchful for the following signs...

• Total lack of interest in hygiene while awake (It is easier to maintain a desired appearance while lucid dreaming)
• Ability to ignore extreme pain or what would normally cause extreme pain
• Always using their 'library' voice
• Confusion between remembering or reliving one's past
• Forgetting meal times and therefore eating up to 12 meals a day
• Recognizing voices but not faces
• Obsession with one's reflection in the mirror
• Flora and fauna seeming unreal
• Strange sounds
• Mysterious bruising
• Wearing clothes that were gleaned from the garbage during a "blackout"

Quoted from the pamphlet “Find Your Hands. The Mind Will Follow” by Robert Pescador, Phd Psychotic Cartography

The Mammals Theatre Company presents

written collaboratively by
Jason Adams, Scott Barsotti, Randall Colburn, Bob Fisher, Reina Hardy,
Warwick Johnson and Jeremy Menekseoglu.

directed by Bob Fisher

Cast: Jason Adams, Scott Barsotti, Anne Marie Boyer, Ashlee Edgemon, Gabe Garza, Vincent Lacey, Erin Myers, Sarah Scanlon, Skyler
Schrempp, Justin Warren. Also, Lindsey Dorcus.

Asst Director: Warwick Johnson
Set Design: John Ross Wilson
Costume and Make Up Design: Heidi Jade Warriner

Performance Dates are as follows

Saturday March 5th
Friday March 11th
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