Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey! Just Who The Heck Is In This Thing!?


Folks are asking... "Hey! I don't get it. You got some folks who are in the show that we haven't seen yet on the blog. And, you got folks who aren't in the show in some of these graphics! What gives?"

Here's what gives. The Mammals are working on a production of MEATLOCKER opening this April 16th, and we have been working slowly but surely on a graphic novel version of the project since last year. Some of the folks who worked with us a year ago on photoshoots, etc. were a great help in laying down the ground work for the graphic novel still in development. Some of these folks will be in the upcoming production, some have committed to other projects this spring. But, they are all beloved by the Mammals and close friends.

We will be sharing some of the concept art work that was developed using images of these folks. Also, we will be bring you images of the newest cast members as well.

We hope you'll enjoy!

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