Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Mammals are so proud of Sara Gorsky

Sara Gorsky has won best actress for the 2010 Orgie Awards!

More on the Orgie award and ceremony below!


The "Orgie" is an award to encourage original, innovative, risky, thrilling, inspiring, and possibly outlandish work in Chicago theatre. All theatre disciplines are eligible to receive an Orgie Theatre Award -- directing, acting, playwriting, music composition, ensemble work, lighting, sound, props, set design, artistic direction, producing, et al.

The Orgie Theatre Award committee is an anonymous collection of theatre artists and patrons. The name "Orgie" is taken from the word "original." To be granted an Orgie, a nominee must receive a majority of the committee's votes. The Orgie Theatre Award committee does not claim to be fair, unbiased, or reasonable. Their goal is to encourage a spirit of originality and adventure in Chicago theatre.


If you’d like to celebrate the winners, the Orgies, Chicago theatre, or just want your shot at a free beer:

The Spot
4437 N. Broadway
Thursday, March 11
9:00 pm – 12:00
First 20 people to say “Orgie” get a free beer!

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