Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5 Reasons you should come out to see

1. Great Word of Mouth - Some of our friends from local scene and blogosphere have said very flattering things about the show.

Darren Callahan's write up
Angry White Guy
Local Tourist Review

2. Good Looking Actors running around in their underwear - OK, somebody out there probably thinks this is some sort of exploitation, but hey! They knew we were taken their pictures for a reason!

3. The Local Rags Gave Us Good Ink

Chicago Tribune
Chicago Reader

4. Whereas there are lots of fantastic theatre companies in Chicago, nobody else is quite like the Chicago Mammals!

5. The Chicago theatre scene is incredibly diverse. There is something for just about everyone's taste. The foundation of that amazing menagerie of experience is the small storefront theatre scene in this town! Supporting a company like the Mammals not only helps us bring you more work... it helps the entire theatre community. It is amazing all the little ways in which all of us who see and do theatre in this town are connected! A butterfly gives a fifteen dollar donation to see a show in a non-traditional space and tornado of art and excitement is what we all profit!

If you seen the show, or any Mammals show - Thank You!

If you are going out to the theatre this weekend to see any of our fellow Chicago small storefront companies - Thank You!

If you help us spread the word about our show - Thank You!

BTW (Here it comes) 2 performances left for our latest DEVILS DON'T FORGET!

Call 866-593-4614 for reservations! or email us at themammals@gmail.com

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