Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thoughts on DEVILS DONT FORGET from Darren Callahan

From local genre author, Darren Callahan -

Bob Fisher is the hands-down best director for genre in Chicago. More relevant, more resonant, more alive than any seen-it-before family drama, the kind that plays at the bigger theaters every five minutes, DEVILS DON'T FORGET is another well-fought triumph of fringe theatre. Like the work of Dario Argento or Stanley Kubrick, this is a Director's Play (caps intentional.) Fisher's stories are like looking straight into someone's head. It's his vision and it's like no one else's.

...Don Hall, for example, is a character actor of the highest regard. His "Udo" is a sketchy portrait of a dapper killer that gives the audience the same unpredictability as Frank in BLUE VELVET, or The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. Susan Myburgh provided the light-dark wish fulfillment of a hot ingénue that brings together believability, sex appeal, and chemistry. And, like conjoined twins, Adam Dodds and Anya Clingman work as one to create a high-concept villain, "The Father."

Usually on a limited budget, and clearly capable of handling more, DEVILS DON’T FORGET has an implied bigger scope and makes great use of music and lighting to never break the spell

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